Inclusive design begins with understanding users and their needs

Design by inclusion opens opportunities by helping to define issues, set direction and validate ideas.

Inclusive Design + Accessibility

A people centered strategy for innovation

Inclusive design is a people centered approach where designers ensure their solutions address the needs of the widest possible audience, regardless of age or ability. People are no longer defined simply by gender, age, disability or cultural background. Lifestyle, values, attitudes and personal ethics also play an integral role in defining who we are.

The process of inclusive design acknowledges the diverse needs of individuals and takes into account the many ways we can be excluded. By expanding the definition of mainstream, inclusive design helps to create mainstream solutions for the widest range of people, not mainstream users.


Inclusive design is a strategy that not only solves problems but also identifies problems to solve. It can play a key role in helping organizations meet challenges, increase profitability and open new markets. Widening the appeal of your product or service will not only capture your primary target market, it will also meet a wider range of needs making your organization the preferred option in the future.


Quantity enriched by quality. Statistical market research is useful but does not always tell the whole story. A people centered approach helps to understand behavior, witness context and explore possibilities fully. By using first-hand research methods and working with individuals, inclusive design can enrich data by adding meaningful context and bring numerical data to life.

Accessibility Audits

Counter Design Studio assists organizations in understanding and developing solutions that are inclusive and accessible in adherence with the Accessibility for Ontario with Disabilities Act (AODA). We also provide accessibility audits, evaluating against various accessibility standards and guidelines.

Built Environment Assessment

Counter Design Studio provides accessibility audits for facilities and/or built environments. Our audits are based on standards, best practices and guidelines that vary depending on the facility and the needs of the owner or tenant.

Web Assessment

Counter Design Studio provides web accessibility audits to determine compliance with Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA). We can help to achieve accessibility by identifying primary accessibility issues and provide recommendations for follow-up and remediation.