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Announcing Counter’s new brand identity:

Counter Design Studio is a UX Design, strategy and creative firm dedicated to creating inspired learning experiences. We integrate user research, UX methodologies and analytics with learning strategies to build digital solutions that help people learn.

Why Rebrand?

Counter started out as an exhibit design firm focused on creating designs that allow for individual discovery, exploration and ultimately making learning fun. With the rise of disruptive technology, we discovered this same design approach could be utilized towards innovative digital learning solutions. Although our medium has changed, our love for learning, telling stories and creating meaningful experiences has not. Counter’s rebranding reflects where we find ourselves and where we want to go.

The New Logo and Branding Explained

When designing the new brand for Counter, we chose a font that was clean, modern and bold. The ‘t’ is in lowercase to demonstrate a dual purpose. Lowercase is approachable, youthful and friendly. Look at it again. It is also a plus sign. This is to emphasize that our work combines learning with play to create a unique and engaging user experience. Finally, when you really look at the ‘t’ it’s also two arrows. While an arrow shows direction, it also symbolizes goals (bulls-eye!). We use our knowledge, skill and expertise to help our clients and partners hit their goals, every time.

We chose a font that exudes a clean, modern and bold feel.
Two arrows formed by two colors which symbolize direction and achieving goals. 
Converted “t” into lowercase but stylized as a plus sign to appear playful and friendly. 

We are eager to know what you think about our new website and logo. Please share your thoughts with us as we continue to evolve and grow, ever curious and always searching for the next great learning experience.

Janice Low
Chief Executive Officer