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Now that spring is here I think we all want to spend more time outside. We know our spring and summers are short so we all want to enjoy the seasons as long as they last.

Now more than ever we rely on our mobile devices namely our phones as an essential tool when we head outside. Here are some things to keep in mind when designing UX for apps that will be used on mobile devices outdoors:

Simplicity Is Key

Keep it simple. The interface needs to be seamless, easy to use and it needs to work efficiently offline. You want the design to complement the outdoor experience not frustrate the user keeping their face planted on the screen or fumbling through the navigation.

Stormy Weather Test

You want to consider not just your users, but the environment. Test your UX design in real life conditions. How does it function in the pouring rain? Is it easy to use when the storm comes in, the clouds darken and the sky turns black? What works in UX design for indoor use may not work as well in the great outdoors.

Be sure to test your UX design in real life conditions.

Social Media

The app needs to be easy to interact with social media. Because when you complete that PB trail run you want to share it with your friends and your fellow competitors. Having an online community can be a source of motivation and inspiration so sharing outdoor adventures needs to be easy.

Final Thought

The main goal of most outdoor apps is to ensure the users don’t get lost. Routes and location should be clear and accurate. Users want to know where they are and more importantly always know how to get home.

Your outdoor apps and your mobile devices can definitely enhance your experience but beware not to rely 100 percent on them. Whether you are exploring the concrete jungle, local parks and trails or discovering a new town far from home, always be aware of your surroundings. Relying too heavily on your mobile devices for safety can be a danger. If you are exploring unknown territory take a map and a compass and know how to use them.

Now, armed with all the necessary accoutrements get out there and experience the outdoors! Who knows what next outdoor adventure awaits you.

Until next time!