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To be given the ability to choose is to be given free will. So when is too much choice simply, too much?

In any given day we have a number of decisions to make. So when it comes to UX design and how one navigates a website, these decisions, for the user, should be simple.

We still want to give the user the freedom to choose. So, is your design providing the blank space needed for users to navigate quickly and easily?

Here are some things to consider:

Too many CTAs

Give the user too many options on where to click and they may simply click off. Limit the number of choices and your users will be more likely to make a decision. CTAs should not distract the user from the main content. You have precious little time to convert a casual observer into a potential client so use this space wisely!

Too much content

Too much content, even when well-written can be intimidating and off-putting. Also, consider your users will have varying degrees of comprehension skills. Keep the content crisp and clear so your message shines through.

CTA chains

A labyrinth of choices when all the user wants to do is find the information or the product or service they are searching for only creates frustration. The path should be clear. Leave the twists and turns of the labyrinth to Sarah Williams battling Jareth the Goblin King.

Every word, every image on the page should have a purpose. And its purpose should be clear. By being consistent in your UX design you will build familiarity which builds trust.

Final Thought

Throughout each day we are presented with any number of choices from what time to get up in the morning to when we decide to turn out the lights. Let your design be a beacon in the harbor, leading your users to a safe haven.

Until next time!