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It’s mid-august and sadly the summer is coming to a close. But that doesn’t have to mean the possibility of spending some vacation time is out of the question. If you haven’t used up all your vacation days yet consider this; vacations can be an opportunity to engage the mind and fuel the spirit. So take some time to pick a location, discover something you’ve always wanted to try, grab the family and or friends and turn your next vacation into something extraordinary.

Try something new

Many vacation packages are now catering to those who want adventure to be part of their vacation plans. While on holiday we are more inclined to be open to new experiences and more willing to try something new. This could be anything from going to your first yoga retreat to white water rafting down the Ottawa river. Vacation can be that time we push ourselves outside our comfort zone. Try something you may be a little afraid of…you may surprise yourself.

Learn a new language

If traveling somewhere you don’t speak the language taking some time to learn a few phrases not only may come in handy, but also helps you to better immerse yourself in the culture. Audio books make learning a new language easier than ever. You don’t have to be perfect, chances are people will appreciate your attempts and getting some local tips on hidden gems or where to go for the best nightlife is an added bonus.

Visit some historical sites

Every town has a history. By digging a little to find out some historical facts about the place you are visiting, you are able to explore with some knowledge of the history of the people who came to this place before you. Understanding the unique history of a place will only further deepen your learning experience and cultivate a better appreciation for the people and the place.

Explore your own backyard 

You don’t have to travel far to get the benefits of vacation and learning. Be a tourist for a few days. Go somewhere you have never been. Visit a part of town you heard has the best ribs. A park that has the best trails. Chances are there are many places to go on day trips that you have yet to explore. Tune in to your inner explorer and add a little adventure to your next long weekend.

The benefits of taking time off away from work and spending some time in a new place are many. Shutting off from work for a few days or weeks will give you the added energy you need to be more productive and creative on your return. Adding adventure to your vacation plans means you can experience the fitness benefits and not feel guilty about missing those gym sessions. Vacations with activities planned force us to adapt to new challenges and ultimately come home feeling refreshed and inspired and maybe even, just a little bit smarter.

Until next time!