Our Story

Inspiring Confidence in

Healthcare Communication

Healthcare providers need to trust that their work on various devices can connect seamlessly and in a secure network.

A highly interactive and self-directed learning tool that
allows learners to understand the role of healthcare communications.

With an established reputation for excellence in network security and communication solutions, BlackBerry Healthcare needed to explain why their network was superior to others. We did it by demystifying its network technology, highlighting how secure and mobile communication platforms improve clinical response to patient needs, enables care team to better support patients and family members and, improve overall patient care experience.

Key Opportunities
  • Inspire confidence around BlackBerry Solutions through minimal use of technical language
  • Highlight the risks of communication breakdown and impact which can result in medical errors
  • Communicate value of seamless communication in relevant and meaningful way
What We Did
  • UX Strategy
  • Interaction Design
  • Visual Design


Using input from a wide range of SME’s, we created an interactive digital module focusing on two contrasting healthcare journeys so learners could choose their path through each experience from beginning to end. As learners moved through the module, they could click on hotspots to obtain bite-size insights about the network, resulting in increased knowledge and awareness of each feature and how it ultimately benefits both patients and healthcare providers.

What We Delivered
  • eLearning

Real life experiences and knowledge created meaningful experiences for learners

Increased collaboration between health teams that support PHIPA initiatives and guidelines

Further supported Ontario’s e‑health initiatives by raising awareness for the need of collaboration and secure access to information