Our Story

Increasing Sales With

Knowledge “On-Demand”

If reps didn’t have the product knowledge they wouldn’t feel confident, which could result in missed sales opportunities.

Increasing sales through continuous learning to drive information retention and accelerate the business.

Company sales reps must manage a product portfolio consisting of hundreds of solution suites, each with their own specific technical specifications and requirements. To minimize risk of knowledge degradation, SAP implemented product knowledge training programs to drive information retention within sales teams. Bigger challenge: Previous history with another application was not successful and sales teams were reticent to try another.

Key Opportunities
  • Enable Sales Reps to increase and maintain expertise of continually changing product information
  • Increase knowledge around ongoing changes to solution suites and technical specs
  • Reduce information overload and boost Sales Reps confidence
What We Did
  • UX Strategy
  • Interaction Design
  • GUI Design
  • Visual Design


Developed bespoke mobile app that provided sales teams personalized and on-demand access to digital learning. This enabled them to close knowledge gaps and bolstered professional knowledge of products. Sales reps were able to participate in continuous learning in micro bursts while on the move. Learning progress was tracked allowing SAP to continually refine training and measure the direct impact on sales.
What We Delivered
  • Mobile App


Increase in adoption rate, 3x larger than expected increase


Increase in knowledge acquisition and retention
Sales teams, sales specialists and support teams up-skilled in entire solution suite of products