Our Story

Experiential Learning to

Build New Conversation Techniques

Having the right conversations to connect customers with right investment products

Embedding customer first principles for client service advisors

TD’s goal was to upskill client service advisors in conversations around customer’s investing lifecycle. The bank found their client service advisors often struggled to build exploratory conversations with customers. They were looking for a dynamic way to empower advisors with new conversation techniques to raise customer engagement and drive better investment decisions.

Key Challenges
  • Lack of confidence among Client Service Advisors
  • Create contextual learning to increase understanding of customer’s investing lifecycle
  • Enabling advisors to practice and learn strategies that can create positive impacts on these challenging conversations
What We Did
  • UX Strategy
  • Interaction Design
  • Visual Design


By combining gamification with supporting elearning modules, we created an experiential learning program that helped to set a new standard for engaging online learning. Using gamification to provide contextual learning, we carefully designed situations based on real-life scenarios, enabling advisors to explore a range of decisions and outcomes. The gamification element created real opportunities to evaluate decisions, practice critical thinking skills and develop the way they approach conversations in a safe environment. The results were advisors with increased knowledge and confidence that resonated with customers.

What We Delivered
  • Games & Gamification
  • eLearning
  • Simulation


Increase in confidence and product knowledge


Increase in fiduciary compliance


Increase in client satisfaction when asked about Sales Advisor knowledge