Combining art and science to create an innovative user experience.

Counter Design Studio is a strategic, creative, UX design firm. Our mission is to create inspired user experiences. We work with forward-thinking organizations to transform your vision and make effective engagement a reality.

Experiences that Matter

We combine UX methodologies and creative design to develop the most effective and meaningful user experiences. Challenging traditional methods allows us to explore new and exciting ways to create easy, intentional, useable products.

Engage For Results

Our work is rooted in business, technology, and design to maximize impact. We carry out detailed analysis and conduct extensive research to gain deep insight into user behaviours to create engaging solutions that increase motivation and drive performance.

Deliver Strong ROI

We have proven that our approach achieves tangible benefits and measurable outcomes, resulting in a stronger return on your investment and more value for your development dollar.


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We tailor experiences based on knowing our users.

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