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Better Experiences
Better Products
That Simply, Work

Counter Design is a Toronto-based User Experience design studio. We design user-friendly products for web and mobile that drive engagement, bring value, creates impact and connects with people.

our story

We Believe Experiences Matter

We focus on understanding users and behaviors to design and develop the effective and meaningful user experiences. Challenging traditional methods allows us to explore new and exciting ways to create easy, intentional, useable products.

We pride ourselves in taking a straight-forward, growth design approach. Providing our clients with solutions that are rooted in a business and user perspective to create return on investment and maximize impact.

We combine creativity and industry best practices to create visually stunning, user-friendly websites and web applications. Our objective, to provide digital solutions that are cost-effective and achieve measurable results.

our work

our services

Web Audit & Assessment

Need to improve your product or build a compelling experience? Benefit from a constructive and professional assessment. Walk away with insights that capture pain points, uncover opportunity gaps and design recommendations that capture key tasks and functions that are actionable without breaking the bank.

UX Consulting & Design

Create a strategic blueprint for your digital products that is actionable, clear and focused. We work with you to map out and design features that reflect the essence of your product. From information architecture, user journeys to prototypes, we focus on delivering effective, compelling solutions that drive engagement and increase satisfaction.

Web Design & Development

Simple, clear messaging, user-friendly, intuitive navigation. We craft websites and web applications that let users focus on your products and services. We take our understanding of how users interact with technology to build a seamless experience that result in conversions. If you don’t notice the technology, we did our job right.

Graphic Design

From graphical user interfaces (GUI), interactive reports to brand identities, we bring your brand and communications to life with the power of visuals. Convey complex ideas effectively with emotional impact. We bring storytelling, imagination and creativity to the table to make the user’s experience truly memorable.

Partners We Work With

We can’t be all things to our clients. However they can be assured that we work only with partners that share the same level of dedication, quality and standard we hold ourselves to. Here are some of our esteemed colleagues.

Unleash the Power of

Create effective solutions that meet your needs and align with your business goals. Drive results and change the way people interact with your business.

reasons that drive us


Driven by User Experience

Positive experiences empower the individual and memorable experiences inspire loyalty. We understand the importance of making enjoyable and easy-to-use products that will generate leads and drive conversions.


Strive for Excellence

We never assume we have all the answers—or even all the questions! We seek excellence by listening and asking questions. We collaborative closely with our clients to identify gaps and develop the best possible solution.


Seek New Technologies

Every business is unique and requires different solutions. For this reason, we don’t subscribe to any one platform or technology. We focus on delivering solutions that work for your business but adapts as you grow.


Success is in Our Reputation

We are known for our quality of work, attention to detail and dedication to every project. Developing long-term client relationships, building trust and confidence in our expertise is at the core of our reputation.

our notable clients

We Create Designs
That Leave an Impact

Great experiences, changing the way people engage with your business.

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